Ben Horton Art Show / Slave Demo BBQ


Ben Horton and the Slave team came thru this weekend for a demo/skatejam/BBQ and a Artshow/Party.  We were more then happy to host them both.  The skatejam/BBQ was sick and a lot of stuff went down.  Burgers and Dogs were had by all and the weather was surprisingly nice for November.  Local Homies Kyle Shiftlet and Even Dohrety Killed the bowl alone side the Slave Team, and Delano Harris was on point with some buttery nollie backside dub heels on the pyramid.  The art show had a pretty big turnout,  Ben Horton’s art is a lot more detailed then the Slave Graphics show.  As usual all the homes came out to support the show.  Along with Horton and the Slave team we had some other guests in town.  Malto Brought Mikey Taylor and Sam McGuire alone to Kick it.  Mikey and Goemann ran the pool table for most of the night,  And some hot dice games were going on the side.  After the show everyone went to J-Lo’s favorite spot Czar Bar for some drinks and dancing.  It was a pretty epic end to and epic day.

Check out Ben Horton’s Slave Tour Blog for more photos

Overdrafting 1

Overdrafting 2

Overdrafting 3


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