Jest For Wolfbats: All Fools Day ….. Dennis McNett Art Show … April 1st …first friday KC

Jest For Wolfbats: All Fools Day

What: a show of very affordable prints and works at Escapist gallery by Dennis McNett.
WHAT ELSE!!: A Wolfbat War Vessel will be launched down the street from Inkubator Press (115 W. 18th St. KCM0 64108) at 7:30pm after slaying two alien Pinatas. Once the aliens are defeated the war vessel will battle it’s way through first friday gallery streets and end at Escapist skateshop/gallery 405 Southwest Blvd. by 8:30pm where a grand finale battle of 4 more alien pinatas, a set will be played by SEDLEC OSSUARY ( ) , there may be fireworks, there will may be fire, and there WILL be slaughter!! Pinatas filled with free gear and goodies from Antihero, Vans, Spitfire, Volcom, and Wolfbat Studios. OH DID I MENTION SEDLEC OSSUARY will be playing inside the tank as it rolls through the streets??!! check youtube link below to get an idea of what is about to happen.
Start spot and time: Inkubator Press 115 W. 18th St. KCM0 64108 7:30pm sharp
Finale spot and time: Escapist Skateshop/Gallery 405 Southwest Blvd. by 8:30-10:30pm

are you down to get down? want to contribute to, collaborate with, make a mask, walk with, bash open to pinatas with a battle axe, or participate in any way? ALL are welcome and any form of participation is appreciated.


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